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Digital Release Planned


songs that were Meant to be shared

For Heidi Wyder, music was her first meditation. As a spiritual seeker, nature lover, and as a deep thinker about life and the universe, the songs gave her comfort and hope as well as the courage to follow her dreams. And they did the same for many others; listeners have described her songs as being musical food for the soul.

Heidi says, “Some lyrics were straightforward and gave an emotional release; some gave reassurance or tapped into the quiet voice of inner strength and wisdom. Other songs seemed to find their purpose only years later, when I would suddenly see a deeper layer and meaning to them that I was unaware of before. And when a song literally strikes a chord with a listener, it brings home the message that if we can bless just one other person in some way through sharing our art, it is enough.”

Now more than twenty-five years after the early songs were written and performed, Heidi says that these catchy and uplifting songs, which having been sitting in a bottom drawer for years, have been knocking, asking to be let out. They are sent into the world with a prayer that they will find people who will be blessed by their messages and the stories behind them, people who will enjoy their uniqueness and share them, and perhaps even find their way to an avenue beyond ‘pre-production’.

And as Heidi begins to write about the inspiration behind the songs on Instagram, with occasional posts to Facebook, follow her story  – if a feed about finding lasting happiness, peace, fulfillment and balance would appeal to you.

“May you find strength and balance in navigating the ups and downs of life, empowered by listening to the voice of your heart!”

- Heidi Wyder

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