When One Door Closes

Track list:

  1. Sugar Kisses
  2. Holding a Candle
  3. Watching Over Me
  4. Rivers of Tears
  5. Moonbeams
  6. Friends are Forever
  7. Who Are You
  8. Tough Soldier
  9. Immer Da

when one door closes

Life rarely goes smoothly, or exactly as we plan it, does it?!

Our emotions take us on a roller coaster: we make mistakes and hurt ourselves and others; we experience shame, darkness and despair till we wish that the earth would swallow us up; we know the overwhelming grief of losing a loved one, where only time can heal that pain.

We think we know where we are headed and set off on our chosen path only to find doors slammed in our face…!

But there is a stillness beneath the waves of emotion.  There is a silence beyond the chatter and noise of the mind.  Remember that pain has a way of sifting out what no longer serves us, showing us if it’s time to let go of the old and find the new. If we didn’t make mistakes, we wouldn’t grow in love and wisdom.

Stop. Breathe. Listen.

Our Soul made a contract before we came here. We are here for a purpose. There is something unique to us and our set of gifts that we are here to give.  In connecting with our soul’s purpose, we honour the divine essence within; we begin to learn how to love ourselves.

Even in your darkest hour, may you find hope and courage. Know that you are not alone. The love, guidance and support that you need is at hand. Send your prayer out to the universe – then make sure you listen for the answer!

When One Door Closes … Pay Attention.

Stop. Breathe. Listen.

Even whilst there is fear in your heart, you can find the courage to turn around. Trust your intuition and have faith.

Another. Door. Will. Open …!


What Listeners Say

Lyrics and music by Heidi Wyder © 2020

Arranged, Recorded & Produced by John Hamilton of E.Q. Studios, London

New digital album “When One Door Closes” featuring tracks from the original albums “Peeling Oranges” (1993) and “Solitaire” (1994)

Heidi Wyder: vocals

John Hamilton: guitar, keyboards, percussion

(left) Original photograph of Heidi Johnson (Wyder) by Peter Allen for the first CD “Peeling Oranges”